H2O organizes congresses, meetings and workshops, training courses and online education programs (FAD).

We address the Medical-Scientific Community and all pharmaceutical firms.
 This department deals with the organization of congresses, conventions, conferences, meetings and refresher courses during all the different moment of the organization offering services pre congress, during the congress and post congress.

We aim at offering a complete and comprehensive range of high quality services, and with this object in view we are able to:

  • conceive and plan the project
  • identify the potential interested companies and attendees
  • printout and mailing of the sponsor prospectus
  • site-inspections of the expository venue and technical advice for all the exhibitors
  • research and select different locations
  • elaborate the planimetry
  • elaborate a scientific program
  • select and recruit dedicated personnel
  • manage the logistics (trains, flights, private transfers, etc.)
  • constitution of a technical office within the congressual area at the disposal of all the exhibitors who want to perform some control operation or need some particular service.
  • contacts with exhibitors
  • coordinate the mounting
  • constitute an organizing secretariat and press office
  • manage the coordinated graphics of the event
  • deal with all the formal and bureaucratic practices if necessary
 (SIAE, CME, AIFA, ministerial permissions and authorizations, etc.)
  • elaborate communication strategies


We work in a strong partnership with our Customers to achieve the better solution for hotel accommodations, travels and transfers of the delegates, always assuring a transparent and competitive quality-price relationship.

We put particular attention to every congressual communication activity, planning in synergy with the organizing committee every form of graphical production, institutional poster, brochure and communication mean related to the event.

If necessary, we can also coordinate press conferences aimed at promoting the congress.

Furthermore, we can create and activate a website dedicated to the event.
 We provide highly qualified and very experienced hostesses for every kind of event.

At our congresses and courses we facilitate the meeting between professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.