H2O is a reference point for companies dealing with marketing and communication activities and services at 360 degrees.

With regards to Marketing (Strategic Marketing), H2O carries out market research and analyses defining possible plans and actions in the short, medium and long term.

Once the research part is completed, we are ready to proceed with the Communication actions.

H2O develops, in harmony with the customer, all the communication activities and among which:


It represents the corporate identity and all aspects and graphic elements from which the perception is determined on an emotional and instinctive level.
H2O deals with Naming, Logo, typographic design, corporate identity, brand, product and digital design.


Closely connected to the company identity, the product must be presented to the market in a recognizable, functional and innovative way.
All packaging should be designed to meet the needs, sensitivity and trends of the market.
Developing communication projects, H2O responds creatively to the design requests of its customers.


Advertising campaigns are activities aimed at creating and strengthening market consensus towards a company and its products and services.
Together with the client and based on preliminary analysis and definition of communication strategies, H2O identifies targets, objectives and tools for each promotional campaign.


Today, more than ever, the feelings you want to convey to the market and to the end user are increasingly important. In the digital age, this aspect is amplified by digitalisation which, thanks to photos and videos, allows us to tell stories and convey emotions.
H2O creates together with the customer a real communicative path realizing photo and video shootings.


Due to the importance of correct digital exposure, the website and social media are also included in the company's communication strategy.
In this sense, the H2O team offers various solutions such as the design and creation of institutional sites, landing pages and social media management.


Communication strategies are sometimes required to be less traditional and more innovative to respond to the fast evolutions and actual trends. "Unconventional" communication tends to be aimed at a young audience constantly stimulated by messages and therefore needs to be involved with the surprise effect.
H2O studies and carries out unconventional promotional actions such as guerrilla marketing, street marketing, viral marketing.


The communication strategies include Public Relations and the Press Office which are essential for strengthening the relationship between the customer and their users. These activities today are increasingly falling into multi-channel tools, with specific formats and languages depending on the content and recipients of the message.
H2O supports the customer with complete PR and press office services.


The message can also be conveyed through the idea and the realization of an event representing an important moment of communication directed towards the inside of the company (employees) or towards the outside (clients) and with different objectives.
By identifying the message, the targets and in consideration of the tools available, H2O draws the perfect event that becomes a unique experience for the participants.

"People don't buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic"

(Seth Godin)